Try Try Until You Succeed

Try Try Until You Succeed No experience is bad until you learn something from it and not commit the mistake again. Sometimes its very difficult to digest your failure but those who accept small failures only they can prepare for a big win.

“I never failed a single exam in my entire life.” Sorry that is a lie. I have failed once, or couple of times, indeed this is True until and unless I appeared for salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant.

In this blog I will tell you all about my experience in failing. One of my colleagues failed in Salesforce Developer for 3 Times.


Giving you my brief background. I am an Computer science engineer and am certified in Java and Salesforce. I’ve helped build sites like or

My Childhood days were full of low grades! I was in Sacred Heart High School 8th Grade and we were supposed to study a new subject in School, QBASIC Computer programming language. It was not a fancy windows click and drag time. Things were still in Black and white or RBG in the computer world. I was motivated for Chess as a sport by my elder brother. I meet some really good teachers and my interest in programming increased Big City Maids. I used to fail in many subjects but never in Computer Science. One of my early achievements which motivated was 4rth Rank in my State in 2000 Computer Science Olympiad. After a couple of years I joined Kendriya vidyalaya IIT Kharagpur and also got the chance to study Foxpro, HTML .. etc.

Joined college with Computer Science as my stream for Engineering this gave me huge opportunity to learn a lots of advance things in Computers. I did participated in lots of programming competitions and won few of them. During my final years of college I was placed in some of the renowned companies in the world like Tata Consultancy Services and Accenture.

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