Introduction to Salesforce CRM contents & Files

Are you struggling to find a powerful way to share and collaborate on files or share files with large groups of people, publish the best and relevant content, and track & manage it all in real-time? 

With Salesforce CRM Content, you can quickly find and access all of your files, content, and customer information from anywhere, on any device. Now let’s understand what is precisely Salesforce CRM content and what its advantages are.

What is Salesforce CRM Content?

Salesforce Content is an integrated content management system available to all Salesforce users in their Salesforce environment. Content can be stored in searchable repositories called libraries, which acts as a segmented workspace. The company’s Salesforce administrator creates the library, and its access can be controlled based on the organization’s security needs. The aim is to enable Salesforce users to share content with potential customers in the Salesforce environment easily.

With Sales Cloud, you can build a content management library that allows you to find and share content like presentations, proposals, contracts, and more. Out-of-the-box features of Sales Cloud’s content management system will help your employees quickly and efficiently share from anywhere, anytime, so you can win more deals, faster. It’s the best way to ensure that your team always has the most up-to-date and accurate content.

Salesforce Content simplifies content management by integrating easy-to-use features into the following tasks:


Instead of storing files in a folder that makes it challenging to search content, Salesforce Salesforce Content stores and integrates data within fully searchable file repositories known as libraries. Admins can create multiple libraries based on any classification like department name, job function, or team, then configure user permissions in the library to maintain content access with high security.


The robust Salesforce CRM Content search engine evaluates the content of the document and its content properties, including title, description, tags, and author name. 


You can subscribe to authors, tags, and libraries while reducing the time spent searching for new or updated content. 


With Salesforce CRM content, you don’t need to download large documents to determine whether the content is right. The content details page gives you a detailed description of the document, including document title, author, description, tags, libraries, comments, votes, versions, subscribers, and downloads. 

Reviewing Usage and Providing Feedback

Salesforce CRM Content offers several methods to determine whether the content is valuable to readers. 

Cloud Analogy Project – Customize the application to organize Salesforce CRM contents & Files

Let us now discuss a project executed by Cloud Analogy wherein the client had the following requirements:

Client Requirements:  

Replacement for the following update Spring ’20 Files:  

  • Retiring Support for Adobe Flash Rendition. Prepare to switch your file rendition in the Chatter REST API from Adobe Flash to SVG.
  • As of the Winter ’21 release, the Chatter REST API File Rendition resource no longer returns an Adobe Flash rendition. Instead, you can use an SVG rendition resource from the Chatter REST API File Preview resource.
  • Customizing the lightning application to manage Library Folders. Search & preview Salesforce CRM Content & Files. Play video/audio files. Providing additional features and managing User reports.

Our Solution: 

  • Prepared application to render Audio and video files using HTML rendering in an iframe.
  • Customized the application for managing Library Folders, Search & preview Salesforce CRM Content & Files.
  • Developed additional features like AND conditions with filters, tags, and File formats.
  • Customized the actions to Move a Content Version file to a folder, send files as email, download files, share files, apply tags, and delete data.
  • Allowed features to follow and unfollow a library from custom buttons.

Application Snapshots: 

  • Home Page


  • Audio Page


  • Video Page

To learn more about Salesforce Content and Files, and how Salesforce Customization and configuration can help grow your business, Cloud Analogy’s certified Salesforce Consultants could assist you in every step of your journey.

 Get strategic and technical guidance from our dedicated Salesforce experts now!

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