Salesforce App Builder Certification

appThe Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam is for them who want to grow in their skills and knowledge in designing, building, and also want to implement custom applications using the predeclared customization capabilities of the platform.


In June 2015, Salesforce University introduced the three new certifications:

  • Salesforce Platform App Builder
  • Platform Developer I
  • Platform Developer II

Salesforce University splitting the Developer track into declarative certification and two programmatic certifications. The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification is like to the Certified Developer credential.

Here are some concepts for understanding to pass the exam:

  • Design the Data model, user interface, business logic and security for custom applications
  • Customize applications for mobile use
  • Design reports and dashboards
  • Deploy custom applications

The Platform App Builder Exam is an only 90-minute exam. The exam contains  60 single or multi-select questions. The passing score is 63%, or 38 correctly answered questions.

examHow to prepare for the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Exam


  • Review the concepts in the Platform App Builder Study Guide & Group Objectives by Their Weightings as given below:

Exam Outlines 1

Exam Outlines2


Exam outlines3

  • Perform a Self Assessment on the objectives and ID Areas Needing Knowledge Improvement
  • Increase Your Knowledge
    • Building Applications with Part 1
    • Building Applications with Part 2
  • Grab a Personal Developer Org and Practice Those Concepts
  • Familiarize yourself Mock Questions
  • Daily Routine: Take Mock Exams and Study Notes




  • The App Builder Exam is very broad but it does not go extreme depth, So you will need to have an overview of a lot Salesforce & Force.coms features.
  • Make sure that go through each section in the study guide and revise accordingly. The social section is worth 3% of the exam so you can only expect 1 or 2 questions.
  • Make sure that read other guides as well, each person has a different take on the exam and may provide different insights.
  • The process of elimination is yours! If you can not work out which answer is right, try and work out which answer is wrong!

To get more information about Platform Developer IClick here 


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