Salesforce Marketing Cloud-Where Does Customer Experience Begin and End?

Experiences matter. An experience can be a blueprint. In marketing too, the experience is the primary thing to be taken into consideration. A memorable experience is important for the audience. To map a user’s experience, it is mandatory to know the customer’s journey, the beginning, and the end.

The Actual Beginning

Where does the actual journey of a customer begin? This question comes with a twist because customers may approach a brand via various channels. The answer is simple, it starts as soon as the customer even visits the company’s website with even no participation. 

Then it further follows with an advertisement or a social media post. It is a bit challenging to comprehend the entire process of customer interaction because the journey keeps changing its colors.

So, it is quite fair to say that the customer experience begins just after the customer requires a solution and starts looking for the same. 

In the middle

As soon as the customer experience begins, companies start to put a lot of effort and resources that may involve the website itself and the in-store interactions, technical support & assistance, returns & exchanges, purchases, and deliveries. Feedbacks can be also counted in the customer experience.

The mid-journey between the initiation and termination is the most crucial part.  The philosophies made at the time of the beginning may not match with the ideas in the middle. Appropriate customer experience can result in the enhancement of the views that were decided at the very beginning.  

It never really ends

The truth is that the journey of customer experience really never ends. It can only terminate if the customers decide not to make a comeback and the company puts no effort to bring them back. 

The customer journey is more like a process, it keeps moving based on past interactions and philosophies, modifications from a negative to a positive perspective and vice versa. It also keeps evolving with high expectations. All you need is to keep track of your data to track the progress.

The journey includes each and every person in the company, outsiders may influence the journey directly or indirectly. It is very important to understand the real importance of customer experience and the efforts to be made to make it an ideal one. All you require is to delve deep into the data and level all the AI-enables tools to discover strings in real-time to reply as soon as possible. 

The whole journey

It starts with different thoughts and the processes behind these thoughts. Additional efforts are to be made in the very beginning to ensure a smooth start. This may result in early profits that too in a good number. 

Let us say there are some issues in the reviews, these types of issues can be solved by considering each negative review on a serious note and tackle them accordingly. This will also lead to some modification strategies to be made in order to maintain their reputation.

This may include:

  • Posting appropriate content that helps understand the audience.
  • A better UI that provides secure transactions, clear navigation, easy sale options, and more.
  • Improving in-store experience.

After deploying all these changes, the process of purchasing operation comes into the frame. Executing what we have discussed above can result in better philosophies for customers. We basically want to modulate the customers to drive them towards your brand. Telling them what makes you unique can actually generate a good number of leads. 

In the end, adding up the customer retention process may help in a smooth end customer experience. Your ultimate objective is to make their experience a memorable customer experience.

Author: AJ

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