Ajay Dubedi Salesforce Expert

5X Salesforce Certified. And 2X Java Certified
Developed several AppExchange applications DragNDrop, MultiUtility, DeskSync etc.
Worked on almost all Salesforce features and products. Desk.com, Work.com, Data.com, Communities, Sites etc.
Worked upon 100+ Salesforce Successful implementation in different roles of BA, QA, System Architect, Developer etc. There are various other documentation and process which are still being analyzed, developed and written down by me. Infact implementation of a process takes time and a process should be revised on a regular basis.
Implemented 200+ small and big Salesforce projects(Customization, Integration, Application development ) I stopped tracking the number of projects after I got 1000+ Salesforce login credentials.
Noida Salesforce group leader(Not officially). 

Author: AJ

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