Salesforce Org Migration and Cleanup FAQs

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Here are quick answers to your questions before you design a Project Plan for “Salesforce Old to New Org Migration and Cleanup FAQs”

Some of the Questions


1 What approach I should take in cleaning up old data that has not been updated in years?

Cleaning Old data is an easy or a huge task depending upon the following approaches:

  • The number of records we wish to clean for Contact, Lead, Opportunity, 
  • Parameters defined for duplicity and a well-defined formula for data quality
    Example if a lead has an already verified email, phone number, address   
    and name then we consider the lead as high quality.
  • Tightly coupled or loosely coupled data sets.
  •  Data merge logic and formula. Which data to override and which to retain?

2. How to get the updated data into Salesforce?

We advice updating data in Salesforce by the help of Partial copy sandbox or a Full copy sandbox. We recommend doing all the changes in Salesforce data using data loader and many other free tools.

  • Salesforce best practices suggest we don’t do any data update in Production org directly.
  • True backups must be maintained at each checkpoint.

3. How I can generate automated reports and dashboards for the regional branches, so they see the value of keeping the data up to date?

Generating automated reports in Salesforce is easy. I am sure if you are having the right Data  Model in place and formula fields created wisely report generation becomes easier.

Take a detailed reference from the following link:

4.  What additional technology will be required?

Salesforce in itself provides lots of Health checkup for your Old Salesforce Org. Please try running report of lightning readiness checks, Security checks, etc.

Health Checkup

  • Org security is of paramount importance and Salesforce has come up with the Health Check tool for org security. The Health Check App scans the Salesforce instance – comparing the security settings against the industry standards and the Salesforce standards.
  • The Salesforce Health Check generates a report on the issues, highlighting the difference in settings with the baseline, with a few clicks only.
  • The Health Check tool changes as per the industry baselines so as to tune our security settings as per industry level. You can always find more details from:

Lightning Readiness Check

  • Run the Lightning Experience Readiness to get a personalized Readiness Report. It gets you ready for the Lightning experience.
  • Learn more about the estimation level off the effort to roll out Lightning experience and it measures the impact the Lightning experience has on user productivity.
  • Readiness Check requires metadata to evaluate features. The evaluation is sometimes done on a specific area say Sales Cloud lists.

          Please refer to the below link for the evaluate features and customizations.

  • It evaluates the customization and features and makes predictions. This enables to proceed with Lightning experience Rollout.

5. How I will train staff to use and maintain Salesforce once the initial data is entered?

  • Partial Sandbox will be of great help in all kind of data cleanups and training.
  • It’s mandatory that your team has a basic knowledge of Salesforce CRM.
  • With right notifications, alerts and validation rules it will be difficult for a sensible Sales Rep to corrupt any data.
  • Training must be made fun with a set of demo videos, walkthroughs, use case scenarios and small tests with rewards at the end.
  • Learning Salesforce for your staff will in itself bring a sense of career growth in them

6. A budget for how much I should expect to pay for this project from start to finish?

  • Your budget will depend upon the number of records and overall steps needed to clean the data.
  • If the Data Model redesign and Normalization is suggested after the initial review the budget will increase.
  • If more processes and workflows are to be created for automated task and notifications then the budget will increase accordingly.

Next, we discuss the timeline of the project.

Timeline for the Project

I suggest any project with 100k records of a small or medium size organization should not take more than 40hrs – 60 hrs to clean. We have completed several complex and straight forward old Salesforce or new Salesforce org data migration project. Things do get tricky, especially when we needed a good level of Data Model redesign and Normalization.
During org migration, your organization moves from one org to another. You must follow the best practices to offer seamless maintenance. Now let us try and understand some of the best practices on Salesforce migration and cleanup.

Best Practices on Salesforce Migration and Cleanup

The user needs to follow the best practices on Plan and Prepare org maintenance and release sites, otherwise, the user will not be able to access Salesforce after the maintenance is over: let us find out “How to plan Org maintenance?”.

How to Plan and Prepare Org Maintenance and Release Sites?

Some of the best practices for planning an org migration are

  1. What are the Salesforce infrastructure best practices?
  2. What are the actions to be taken for planned migration of Salesforce Org?

The following infrastructure best practices are to be followed:

  • Enable My Domain
  • Remove Hard-coded Reference
  • Whitelist all Salesforce IP Ranges

Enable My Domain

When customers request for org migration, My Domain is present always. In case of any hardcoded references, one must make sure that these are updated in the relevant URLs say My Domain subdomain or login. Salesforce, com. My Domain also helps to prepare the user to be ready for Lightning capabilities.

Remove Hard-coded Reference

Hard coded references is a URL with an instance name. Since the Hard coded references point back to the instances, they must be removed or replaced with the subdomain, created by My Domain. One can find the hardcoded reference by using Lightning Experience Readiness Check or in the IDE.

Please refer to the below link for details on removal of hard coded references.

Whitelist all Salesforce IP ranges & Update Your lists

The best practice is to whitelist all the Salesforce IP ranges. This ensures that the login authentication of the end users and the integrations . This helps to avoid any sort of disruptions in service caused by movement between data center sites. If only a subset of IP addresses is whitelisted then please refer to the following link for more details:

If the organization has set up Corporate network settings or email security filters, in order to restrict access to only certain IP address ranges, then the list must be updated, to include the newest ranges.   

For further details, please refer to the following link:

    2. What are the actions to be taken for planned migration of Salesforce Org?

Other than the above action Take some of the following actions so that there are no service disruptions of any sort:

Prepare to refresh Integration

The user must do this, on facing integration issues after completion of maintenance.

Prepare to refresh DNS Cache

“Maintenance in Progress”  alert appears in the login page, then the above needs to be done, after the maintenance window.  

Get Latest Certificates

For the locally cached certificates, the user must join the Certificates Changes Group in the Trailblazer Community, in order to obtain the latest certificate.

For more FAQs on Org migration please refer to the below link:


We have tried to provide valuable insights on some answers that you seek before planning an org migration. We have provided information on some of the best practices and actions for org migration, without any disruptions in service.


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