Dreamforce 15 Hangover!


I am back  from SFO attending Dreamforce15 one of the mega events in IT world. After overcoming jetlag I am trying to settle down. Now in process of opening my travel bag and having a good look at the business cards received and goodies collected I am ready to write this blog. I am still having this Hangover from all the new features.

Salesforce is coming up with and find myself in middle of digesting the knowledge I gained in this trip. Last year when I was in Dreamforce, which was also my first time, I thought “Nothing can get bigger than this” and I don’t know how Salesforce does this but this year it was absolutely bigger than last year. Hats of to Salesforce development team in overcomingall the technical challenges and coming up with Salesforce new Lightning experience and so many more exciting new releases. I am trying to summarize my experience in tits and bits with few comments.

This time DF was awesome with the new products/features launches.

1. Salesforce New lightning Experience: This is the best release they did in DF history. Salesforce users were waiting for such responsive, sleek and  cool UI for a long time.

● PROS: The UI is refreshing. The simple check-box to activate this feature for one user at a time is smart step.

● CONS:  This will take user adaptability time. All the salesforce Admins will have to become Awesome Admin and representatives of salesforce and help their org get on this new UI.


2. Salesforce Component for Appexchange: Appexchange has become more mature with time. I think this will be a game changer now onwards. The latest trend I observe in Appexchange is now you can get either small applications(soon components) or big enterprise level application(more complete) targeting an entire industry/domain.

3. Activity timeline: This will be a loved feature by those Sales reps or users who were not able to get a good analysis of what was going on with their lead, opportunity, account etc on a smart timeline based model.

4. Salesforce IQ: SalesforceIQ (formerly RelateIQ) provides out-of-the- box, intelligent CRM for small businesses and productivity apps for sales teams. I need to explore the impact of this to a more deeper level and will try to soon come up with my side of analysis.

I will be analyzing several other new features in coming days and will get back.

I have a the following 3 key take away :

1. Being a System Integrator I will be focusing more on launch useful applications on Appexchange. More apps with lightning components should be added.

2. Salesforce is taking UI seriously and we can help now help our old and new Salesforce clients take this awesome out of box Lightning experience

3. Salesforce has come so far that no-one else can catch them now.

“Salesforce is not taking part in the race, it has become the RACE itself”


Author: AJ

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