5 Signs It’s Time To Hire A Certified Salesforce Consultant

Have you ever tried your hands with DIY Salesforce Implementation and felt like whether it was the right choice? There are countless reasons why Salesforce offers the best value in the world of customer relationship management (CRM). 

However, many business owners decide to deploy Salesforce products, services, and capabilities on their own despite no or little knowledge about them and fail miserably. After all, it is indeed challenging to understand all the features, products, and capabilities of the mighty Salesforce and it needs a professional and certified Salesforce Consultant to add value to your organizational processes post the implementation process.

Your organization can end up wasting a lot of time, effort, and other resources while trying its hands on backtracking and fixing a system that is just not useful for the specific needs of your business and users. Obviously, this will also lead to delayed ROI and missed opportunities.

Here are 5 signs that will help you make out whether or not it is time to hire a professional Salesforce Consultant:

1.Your Salesforce Projects Aren’t Getting Done

In today’s tech-savvy world, employees are stretched thin more often than not. It is a challenging task for your organization to have the right number of administrators for the user base and ensure that they stay current and relevant in their training and certifications.

Hiring the professional services of a certified Salesforce Implementation Company like Cloud Analogy (that offers a wide range of services such as Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Consultancy Services, Salesforce Integration, Salesforce Data Migration, Salesforce Customization, and more) will accelerate your path by providing you with access to certified, experienced, and scalable resources that can get your Salesforce-related projects done quicker and better so you can ride ahead and strong on the paths of success and prosperity in the short as well as the long run.

2. You Are Unsure Of The Full Capabilities Of The System

Your organization must leverage the full features and capabilities of the system to get full ROI on Salesforce. You can easily streamline on core and other areas of your organization beyond CRM like customer service, marketing, configure-price-quote, and more by maximizing the features and capabilities of Salesforce. 

However, it is difficult to accurately identify which Salesforce applications and products will add more value to your original investment with countless Salesforce products and apps. A certified Salesforce Consultant can help you with easy identification and utilization of the best Salesforce apps and products to suit the specific requirements of your business.

3. Your User Adoption Is Weak

Salesforce works seamlessly and effortlessly as long as your executives and users can trust the data. This depends heavily on whether or not they actually use the system. Permitting other methods of data management such as Email or Excel to co-exist with Salesforce may result in inaccurate reporting and loss of information that may translate to loss or compromised sales.

An experienced Salesforce Consultant will easily highlight the problems and the challenges before your organization. Moreover, the certified Salesforce Consultant will even help you cope and come out strongly against all possible obstacles. This will help you stay ahead of the competition, find productive and innovative ways to streamline operations and sales, maximize profits, and stay profitable and relevant at all times.

4. You Don’t Have A 360-Degree View Of Your Prospects And Customers

Today, most organizations struggle with the integration of systems that include the information of customers and prospects. The marketing and sales teams of your organization must have a complete view of the customers and prospects from their first interaction on your website to the moment the sales get closed to fully understand your business. Without this 360-degree view, internal processes can get compartmentalized and opportunities may be lost.

An experienced Salesforce Consultant can help you leverage the best of Salesforce products and capabilities and gain a 360-degree view of your prospects and customers. This will, in turn, leads to improved levels of customer retention and satisfaction.

5. You Are Unable To Prove Your Salesforce ROI

If you have a vague idea about how Salesforce has helped your business or you don’t have hard numbers to prove it, it is a sign that you must hire a professional Salesforce Consultant. The consultant will help you identify and prove the total footprints that you are making on the progress of your organization towards the achievement of the predefined objectives.


Hiring a certified and professional Salesforce Consultant will be the best decision you will possibly make in your pursuit of the goals and objectives of your organization. Choose the industry’s leading Salesforce Consultancy firm, choose Cloud Analogy now!

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