10 Reasons To Attend Forcelandia 2019

For the last few years, I have been an avid follower of Salesforce events as they give me a great opportunity to meet people from my industry. There are innumerable networking opportunities, wonderful chances to build new relationships, and meet new contacts. In my view, my participation in these events has contributed greatly to my personal and business growth while helping me gain more expertise in my field. I must also admit here that the enthusiasm and passion I see in the eyes of fellow Salesforce professionals inspire me a lot.
For me, fellow professionals are valuable resources for best practices and referrals. I personally believe that working all alone can often be isolating and doesn’t allow us to get exposed to a wide range of mindsets, beliefs, and thinking abilities. All in all, I would have surely missed out on new ideas, trends, and opportunities if I hadn’t attended multiple events in different continents (Australia-Salesforce world tour, Asia-India Dreamin (I was a sponsor at this community-led, community-run event), Europe-YeurDreamin’ and London’s Calling, and USA Dreamforce, Bengaluru.
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Now I am headed to Forcelandia, the only community-inspired and developer-oriented Salesforce event in the Pacific.
If you haven’t decided to attend it yet, here are 10 great reasons that I can give to you for attending Forcelandia this year.

Focused on Developers: Forcelandia is the only community-inspired Dreamin’ event that has its focus solely on Salesforce’s programmatic side. The biggest reason for anyone to attend Forcelandia 2019 is the amount of knowledge and awareness coming their way right from the brightest and most inspiring Salesforce architects and developers out there. Whether it is getting the latest on Salesforce® Developer Experience (SFDX), integrating with Heroku, or debugging Lightning Components – there is something for every attendee! The best thing is the Salesforce developers and architects attending Forcelandia are more than just happy to share their success secrets, tips, and strategies with everyone.

Amazing Community event: Forcelandia is one of the community events that has garnered enough interest among Salesforce professionals from all parts of the world. It is one of those events where Salesforce, the world’s number 1 customer relationship management (CRM) organization, may be involved or a sponsor in some way that is unique for one huge reason. Salesforce is actually not running it and therefore it does not decide on the content, the way it gets delivered, and who delivers it. In other words, this event comes from hands-on experience of the world’s number 1 CRM giant day in day out. They just tell you the real truth, the hard truth and there is no marketing spin on absolutely anything.

Focus: The discussions at these events are more concentrated on what you will be doing and they’re not Einstein and Lightning only tasks as many customers are not making use of them in your day to day role. The event discussions are more centered on the features that you might not know, the ways to advance your career, and the best practices to follow in code. In short, they are for the community and run by the community and this means that they are tailored to things that would be specifically relevant and of great interest to you.

Lots of learning coming your way: Salesforce Developers have many things to worry about in their day-to-day work life and Forcelandia brings an end to almost all their concerns. With a line-up of knowledgeable and intriguing speakers, this event will surely leave you wanting for more. The sessions offered during Forcelandia will help you redefine the way you view Salesforce Development, whether you build with codes or with clicks.

Oriented towards developers: Admiring your past laurels forever and going irrelevant in the future doesn’t help anyone. In today’s cutthroat world, each one of us should strive hard for the next level. This is where Forcelandia can help you out and in a huge way. It helps you acquire broad and rich learning that goes beyond what Salesforce Developers can actually do in the monthly or yearly group meetings. Moreover, a big majority of Salesforce events that happen across the world tend to be more admin-oriented, unlike Forcelandia that is all about the requirements and growth of Salesforce Developers.

Quality and engaging interactions between speakers and attendees: Tired of attending conferences where the speaker is just a tiny speck on a big screen in a theater meant for 20,000 attendees? You don’t face such things with Forcelandia! The event this year is on July 31–August 01, 2019 at McMenamins Kennedy School, 5736 NE 33rd Ave, Portland, Oregon and we don’t have to tell you that an old school auditorium doesn’t have a sitting space for thousands but only the best of the best (if you’re among the very few lucky ones going there or being invited, I must say that you’re one hell of a lucky soul).

Wondering why? You will get a wonderful opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the most amazing Salesforce developers, Salesforce architects, and speakers. No wonder, every attendee returning home after attending the Forcelandia event boasts about how cool it was to shoot the breeze with some of the best speakers in the Salesforce industry. If this is not to impress you, you can personally meet with the speakers at Forcelandia in a friendly and positive environment where diving a little deeper and having a more informal conversation is just too easy. Yes, you can bet on it for sure!

Location: Portland is an absolutely wonderful city in the state of Oregon that sits on the Willamette and Columbia in the mesmerizing shadows of the beautifully snow-capped Mount Hood. The city has something for everyone and yes I mean everyone. You can try out homebrews while enjoying at Portland or go out for wine tasting. Portland is a city known for its bridges, parks, and bicycle paths and a breathtaking place with high-quality Pinots and incredible vineyard views.

You can even go for an hour’s drive to explore a wide range of outdoor activities such as windsurfing and kayaking in the Gorge or hiking. Or, you can visit farmer’s markets or grab a quick gourmet meal – this amazing city surely keeps up to the old-age phrase, “Keep Portland Weird”. After all, where do you see a city-wide naked bike ride or an iconized family in all smiles and walking with their dog down the street just like any North American suburb. Isn’t that enough of weirdness coming in anyone’s way?

Venue: The McMenamins Kennedy School, a renovated former elementary school from 1915, is one place that you will never want to leave. It has been converted to a dining establishment, Movie Theater, and hotel today but what a place to enjoy a pint sitting all relaxed in a classroom, watch a movie in the auditorium, or grab an aged whiskey in detention. This once-abandoned scholastic gem with extensive historical photographs and original artwork is a comfortable and memorable place to enjoy.

Path to stardom:
Being geared specifically for Salesforce Developers, Forcelandia places a lot of emphasis on how the Salesforce ecosystem can offer amazing opportunities to seasoned developers when it comes to learning new skills in relevant, bite-size pieces. Moreover, this developer-centric event helps meet these growth-powered needs by helping everyone cultivates mutually-beneficial relationships with others in the community. After all, we all developers need a coding buddy. Right?

A family reunion: Which developer wouldn’t want to be the part of a family reunion that welcomes developers and is put together by the local developer community? The presentations are relevant to everyone and help everyone share the unique culture of Salesforce Development with the global community while everyone geeks out with each other.
Forcelandia is helpful, courteous, and a great place to learn! You’ll find great people who are highly enthusiastic and passionate about the work they do and help you out. From a tech standpoint, everyone gets to learn so much to learn from fellow community members. There is nothing pretentious or intimidating in the air and it is absolutely no surprise that this excitement carries and flows all over Forcelandia, and I must tell you it’s very contagious! Come, join us all! This is one invitation that you’ll never ever regret. Want to have a bet?

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