Salesforce and MasterCard join hands to Improve Small Business Program Benefits

Salesforce, the world’s number 1 CRM company, along with Intuit has joined the small business program of MasterCard to supply solutions in the small business space.

Salesforce and MasterCard join hands to Improve Small Business Program Benefits

This announcement is aimed at helping organizations, irrespective of their line of operations, to increase revenue by improving customer engagement. The benefits of Salesforce are now available in Mastercard Business and Mastercard Business World Elite offerings. From now on, Mastercard Business Card customers will gain access to proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) solutions through Salesforce Essentials.   

The Salesforce Essentials is an application that has sales and support tools, specially designed for small businesses, for $9.99 per user per month. It is only available to new Salesforce Essentials customers who buy an annual subscription.

Marie Rosecrans, SVP, Salesforce Essentials and SMB, remarked customers have a liking for small businesses because of the personal experiences they provide but it becomes challenging to identify, explore, and utilize the details of each and every customer as businesses grow and this is where a CRM becomes key. Rosecrans added MasterCard emphasizes on small businesses and Salesforce is delighted to empower Mastercard Business customers by offering Salesforce Essentials to grow their businesses.

Ginger Siegel, head of Mastercard small business, said owners of small businesses seek flexibility and freedom but they require customizable services and platforms that can enhance how they address their individual needs and run their business. 

Siegel also remarked that MasterCard is delighted to further build on its small business benefits program together with partnerships such as Intuit, Itemize, and now Salesforce for delivering digital solutions that satisfy the requirements of small business owners to help them grow in innovative, smart, and efficient ways.

Mastercard and Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce and MasterCard join hands to Improve Small Business Program Benefits

By using Salesforce Essentials, Mastercard Business customers can now easily and efficiently manage sales and customer support in a single app. The best thing is that these customers can now save as much as 60 percent off the regular price. It means that Mastercard Business customers can now easily create custom reports and dashboards using Salesforce Essentials. Furthermore, they can also manage contacts, accounts, and support cases for up to 10 users and tack emails and meetings automatically. 

In addition to these advantages, Mastercard Business customers can deliver support across email, phone, chat, and social channels. In other words, Mastercard Business customers would now be more empowered than ever as Salesforce provides a customizable, future-proof, and scalable platform with built-in AI and automatic upgrades. On top of this, they can now access Enterprise-level security and ongoing support in an app ecosystem that means they will get more value from applications they already use, thanks to Salesforce – world’s most trusted solution and #1 CRM.

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