Client Security and Company Culture at Cloud Analogy

Let me start with a weird security incident from today’s Facebook messenger chat.

I received this email from a lady from a certain company and as we at Cloud Analogy do lots of email marketing campaigns, we thought this could be a reply from a prospective Salesforce services client.


I immediately took this to my Sales team and did a quick data mining about the lady who emailed me and her company details. It looked a bit suspicious as the website of email Id was not found but a bigger firm with a similar name and details were found. Before my Sales Team could plan to do anything in reply, I got another message from her.



This Lady contacted me from her company email to my company mail and asked me to fix a code for her – sharing requirements. Initially I thought she was a contractor and wanted to hire us[Cloud Analogy]. Then soon this girl found me out on Facebook and asked for my help directly on messenger! I thought that this will be a quick question kind of freelancer test and I tried suggesting some solutions for the Salesforce trigger code she was referring to.

Eventually, I found out that she was actually trying to take help from me to get her code done. It was merely some kind of test she was about to submit to her company or end client for that matter. I went ahead and warned her as this is a serious security breach and if her company finds out she will be in a bad mess.

I am sure the conversation itself will be good enough to explain the entire story but I would still like to make a few more points for both new joiners to Software Industry or in fact to any Industry.

  1. Companies should conduct proper security training and HR team and Legal team must be able to explain an experienced or fresh talent joining the company about company policies and Security steps. We at Cloud Analogy tend to follow best practices in the industry and ensure data and client information integrity at all cost.
  2. Companies must regularly check/inspect the security breaches by various means and processes. We at Cloud analogy have hi-tech devices in our premise to protect and prevent any security breach. Some of these are:
    • FingerPrint Scanner and ID cards for access to the workplace. 
    • Security Camera at all workplaces  
    • Google security to prevent any unwanted file and data sharing outside the company.
    • Regular Notifications and alerts to Team leads.
    • On-Premise Software copy check tool and
    • Background verification of each individual.
    • Legal Team of Lawyers and not just company officials.
  3. Individuals should be very careful in what to share and what not to share outside the company. You all are not in college anymore and nothing is in the discovery phase.
  4. How to ask help from Salesforce community is another interesting topic which we should be careful about. Professional community will be very strict in replying back to something which might cause serious security breach to an institute or a company as both parties will become complicit in such a situation. If you have a doubt be simple and direct enough about a particular challenge you are facing and NEVER indulge in entire source code or requirement details to be shared.
  5. This is something which I want the new joinees to any company to understand in great detail and add it to your personal list of “10 ways to get fired in the first month of my new job”

Next, we come to culture. People are keen to gravitate towards challenges, those of business models, strategy and an incentive system. Culture is a word that is frequently used to describe the work environment of your organization, higher than strategy. As I search for the word culture, I come across, how culture is described in the words of  Frances Frei and Anne Morriss at Harvard Business Review.

“Culture guides discretionary behavior and it picks up where the employee handbook leaves off. Culture tells us how to respond to an unprecedented service request. It tells us whether to risk telling our bosses about our new ideas, and whether to surface or hide problems. Employees make hundreds of decisions on their own every day, and culture is our guide. Culture tells us what to do when the CEO isn’t in the room, which is of course most of the time.”

Let us now go into the culture in terms of Cloud Analogy. In this post, we provide insights on

A.Culture at Cloud Analogy

Productivity Matters the Most

We at Cloud Analogy always try to make the work environment as productive as possible – an experience to cherish for a long time. We want our employees to be happy and that means increased productivity only. Increased productivity translates into higher sustainable growth. And that is exactly what is our concern.

Attract the Right Talents

Moreover, culture is what attracts the right talent to your organization. Right from the time when the employee joins your office, one must find an open space to work with, not claustrophobic with cubicles. The work environment at Cloud Analogy is transparent too. The CEO and the top management maintains a unique culture.

Hiring People Who Fit Into this Culture

We hire people who share our company values and speak about Cloud Analogy in the positive light.  A great point noted is what is the opinion of one of the strongest advocates of culture, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. In his words people hired must represent you outside the work too. We believe in this too.

Working as a Team

We work together as a unit, not just a few individuals performing their daily chores. We indulge in various team outings to remote locations, celebrate events and wish our employees with month-end bashes. Above all, we work as a cohesive team, aligned with the mission and vision of the management team.
One good example was arranging for a cricket match for a team-building exercise. There was total coordination that was needed with the coach Learn Academy, sitting on the sidelines, watching the players playing.

Company Culture to Get Potential Clients

The company culture can act as a great source for attracting potential clients. The clients always care for satisfied employees because of that only lead to increased engagement and higher productivity. This company culture is showcased by creating videos and newsletters and exhibited to the clients. The clients can also be invited to some friendly competition. This way the rights clients will all be attracted to work with the organization.
Security is of utmost importance in a Cloud solution providing company such as Cloud Analogy and this has an inherent linkage with the organizational culture or the company culture. Let us now delve into some elements of a connection between client security and company culture.

  1. Client Security and Company Culture

Client security is ensured only when the business has the ability to protect business data and business devices.  We have already mentioned some of the stringent measures taken by us, safeguarding any security breaches. Furthermore, Cloud Analogy safeguards the various high-tech devices and its valuable client data, through some of the following measures:

  • Create and maintain strong passwords
  • Two-factor authentication, whenever applicable
  • Use anti-malware software
  • Minimize outside access with private network or servers


We at Cloud Analogy tend to follow best practices in the industry and ensure data and client information integrity at any cost. We make it sure that the HR team and the legal team explains to the fresh or experienced talents that we hire about company policies and the necessary security steps. We regularly inspect for any possible security breaches, with the help of hi-tech devices, some of which are mentioned in the above post. We believe in maintaining a good culture in our organization, that rises above our strategy. In this regard, some of the parameters that we consider are the productivity of our employees, hiring the right talents and the people who fit into our culture. We also ensure to work as a team and use the company culture as a means to attract potential clients. Finally, we ensure that company culture and client security and intertwined with each other.

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