Startup or MNC for Graduates in IT

As a fresher out from college you have still long way to go both in learning and earning. To start a career I would strictly advise you to look forward at how much you can learn in the shortest duration. MNC’s will always have a charm, brand name, probably good salary attached to it but Start up will always give you more knowledge and experience. I would like to share my experience in both the types of companies as following:

Startup Advantage

  • Great Challenge: Several challenges indeed and everyday you might get a new problem to solve.
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    Everything by Yourself

  • Great Power & Big Responsibilities: With great power comes greater responsibilities. You can play all the roles you can or want to play in a Startup. For a day you can be a programmer/QA/System Architect/Manager and even the delivery head.
  • Everything by Yourself: A leader in Startup will always give you several tasks and also the freedom to do it  yourself by your way.
  • Risky!! For them who don’t have dependencies or family responsibilities are natural to take more risk, probably because they can afford to try and fail.
  • Huge growth possibilities: You grow as the company grows. Since you are in a Startup so there is good possibility that the company will double or triple each quarter or probably each month and so as your salary if you are participating in this with the right talent.

Startup Disadvantage

  • Risky: God forbidden if anything fails then everything else might get effected and fail too. You might even lose your job since company went bankrupt. Startups are also not good for people looking for easy money or peaceful/vacation type jobs.
  • Less Training: The truth is that you are accountable from the very first day in office. You are responsible for your actions and in actions both. You can be very lucky if you have a great captain driving your ship from whom you can quickly learn and be a champion in riding waves.

MNC advantage

  • Good Initial Salary: MNCs have the money. They can pay you a handsome salary for couple of months or probably years.
  • No Risk: MNC is way more stable and job security is there.
  • Long learning curve: I can give several examples in which my friends or colleagues in the same or different MNCs were on bench having no project to work upon for the entire year! yes entire YEAR ie. 12 months!
  • Fun Fun Fun ! Most of my friends and my time in MNC was full of fun. I was able to complete my entire week’s work in a single day so rest of the time I was enjoying my life. Work culture is great and if you cannot do it then there are other who can do it.

MNC disadvantage

  • Nothing: Your life is peaceful & probably beautiful too.


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