Salesforce For A Graduate

This blog is about how we can train, motivate, explain a Graduate fresh out from college about Salesforce. This is a very common challenge every Salesforce Team Leader, Manager or Practice Head like me is facing regularly. Graduates also have several questions while getting into Salesforce platform as a Job. I believe and execute the following steps for any Graduate Student to merge into our Salesforce Team.

  • Knowledge: Information is always good to share. The first step for every graduate should be to learn as much as possible about the Multi-tenant environment, Cloud computing technology. They might have heard or learned about Cloud computing in their college course. Questions like.
  • History: The recent history of software development process teaches us a lot. For a long time applications or software were being developed from basic programming. Salesforce CRM solution beats most of this software development approaches out of the window. Salesforce is a product with an added advantage of tweak and configure. Evolution of Salesforce in itself has been interesting, with all of its releases and addition of new features Salesforce has become a one stop shop.


  • Motivation: Motivation can come from the smallest thing. Let it be a person, ambition, wish or even money.First, the trainer or team lead should be motivated enough and believe in Salesforce advantages over other CRM. We should bring all the motivation we can for these freshers and help them understand why Salesforce is the present and future of CRM industry. Salesforce technology being new to the computer programmers have lot to discover. Several new applications are being developed every day in Salesforce.
  • Career Growth: A Comparative Analysis of career growth in Salesforce vs other technologies like MS Dynamics, Java, Net, Perl etc. would be a good starting point for Salesforce enthusiast. Past few years were good for Salesforce developers and we are sure that future is also going to be great. Several administrators, developers, and consultant have made their career in Salesforce by following the same path.
  • Salesforce: Finally Salesforce itself can be a big motivation. Salesforce as a company have given a lot to this industry. There are several fronts in Salesforce by which one can achieve knowledge and recognition. Following Salesforce products or out of box solutions have performed brilliantly in market.


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