How To Choose The Best Among Salesforce Consulting Companies?

Do you want to streamline business operations to increase your business bottom line? This is one thing that your business can easily achieve by choosing the right Salesforce Consulting Company to kick start your Salesforce journey. You can easily build your apps quickly and smartly to create brand awareness, sell products sooner, and follow up with clients in improved ways.


Whether it is automating the regular processes or transforming the infrastructural needs or migrating/upgrading to the cloud, a Salesforce Consulting Company can help you guide and assist you to make inroads into the cutthroat business environment of today. Now comes the big question. How will you select the best among the thousands of Salesforce Consulting Companies online? Thankfully, there is nothing for you to worry about as we are here to guide you.

Essential Roles That The Salesforce Consulting Company Should Fulfill

A Salesforce Consulting Company such as Cloud Analogy provides a range of services and solutions to satisfy the challenges and demands of a profit-driven organization.
Let us first discuss the roles performed by a Salesforce Consulting Company in detail.

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Administrators perform a wide range of functions such as dealing with two-factor authentication, handling Single sign-on (SSO), and certificate issues. The Salesforce Administrator can also help with troubleshooting workflows, approval cycles, autoresponders, or email campaigns that generate excessive bounced emails. The Admin is also entrusted with the responsibility of fixing data records that may have been set with ownership or record types, making them inaccessible to users. The Salesforce Administrator also handles responsibilities such as performing adoption and data-quality dashboards while also examining that scheduled APEX queues and time-based workflow to ensure there are no unexpected entries.

The role of a Salesforce Admin is also associated with changing escalation and delegation paths in approval and workflow cycles to account for extended travel or absences besides examining the error and debug logs of for any derivatives. The Admin also looks after the login history tables to identify excessive login errors, user lockouts, and unexpected IP addresses. In addition to these responsibilities, the Salesforce Admin also looks after running field utilization reports for identifying new data pollution sources. The Admin also runs full and regular system backups (metadata, data, and error logs, if possible) on any application or system that is integrated with and ensuring that all activities of the organization served by the Salesforce Administrator are in accordance with compliance, audit, or regulatory frameworks.

In short, a Salesforce Administrator intertwines in the act of making all the business divisions equally productive through different and innovative stages of process automation. By doing this, the Admin facilitates a lean and smooth business workflow to reduce operational costs and maximize profits. Hire a certified Salesforce now.

Salesforce Developer

The roles and responsibilities of a certified Salesforce Developer generally include the creation of the functionality, primarily the Application Logic that would include writing the APEX Code and creating VisualForce pages based on the requirements of employees or customers. The Salesforce Developer is also entrusted with the task of enhancing the integration of the Salesforce APIs with the existing data or systems to facilitate smooth and seamless communication between the two systems.
The developer is also responsible for development-stage testing within a staging Sandbox before the final submission is made and performs fixing of bugs with the assistance of a Salesforce Administrator. In short, the Salesforce Developer is someone with a top-to-bottom comprehension and awareness of Salesforce and its plethora of opportunities. Hire a certified Salesforce Developer now.

Salesforce Implementation Expert

Do you want to make the most out of Salesforce but clueless when it comes to how to prepare for your Salesforce Implementation? Want to get a clear-cut idea of the true cost of implementing Salesforce and the related Salesforce implementation costs? Salesforce Implementation experts can help you realize the true potential of your business and experience significant tangible results and process improvements. A certified Salesforce Implementation expert can help you with configurations, Salesforce data migrations, third-party integrations, and web-service and other framework integrations.

For this, you can simply hire a certified Salesforce Implementation Expert such as Cloud Analogy to reap the innumerable advantages of Salesforce implementation plans and services. The best thing is that you can simply schedule a no-sale, no-obligation call to find out how we can guide your business to success and prosperity in the short as well as the long run. Hire a certified Salesforce Implementation Partner now!

Salesforce Technical Architect

A Salesforce Technical Architect is someone who possesses rich and exhaustive knowledge across a wide range of platforms and draws their experience and skills to evaluate the architecture and the requirements of customers for designing high-performance, seamless, and secure technology solutions that significantly maximizes the potential of the ever-evolving Salesforce Platform.

Known for their deep understanding of native Salesforce functionalities and features, Salesforce Technical Architects also have rich expertise to structure a new or revamp an existing data model, role hierarchy, and appropriate sharing mechanisms. These in-depth problem solvers and big-picture thinkers help organizations with data architecture, designing and building of platform applications, Community Cloud Consultancy, Integration architecture, Identity and Access Management, and Mobile Solutions’ architecture designing. Hire a certified Salesforce Technical Architect now!

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