Einstein Analytics For Partners Launched By Salesforce

Salesforce has announced advanced features to its Sales Cloud partner relationship management (PRM) product. This announcement is aimed at eliminating friction by delivering “visibility” and “intelligent insights” to partners.

Adi Kuruganti, General Manager Community Cloud and Senior Vice President, Product Management for B2B Commerce at Salesforce.com, said it pays to treat your partner like they are part of your own organization. Kuruganti added it also makes sense to empower your partners with the same set of information and tools as your internal sales teams as partners will lean into the products that are easiest to sell.

The SVP and general manager of Salesforce Community Cloud added the Salesforce Sales Cloud Partner Relationship Management is designed just to solve these and many issues. Kuruganti also added that vendors will now find it faster and easier to empower and communicate with partners.

To this end, Artificial Intelligence is tapped by Einstein Analytics for Partners for identifying and prioritizing leads. Specifically, Einstein Analytics for Partners mines past lead and opportunity performance data for delivering predictive recommendations that guide partners to emphasize on the most promising existing and potential partners. It is worth noting here that Salesforce’s proprietary predictive analytics and AI platform – Einstein – now powers 6.5 billion such predictions daily.

Kuruganti went on to add that recent opportunities can be analyzed by Einstein Discovery and see that trade show attendance has a powerful effect on winning deals. Therefore, the budget for trade shows can be strategically allocated by channel managers and partner representatives can extend invites trade shows to their biggest prospects.

Best Features Of Einstein Analytics for Partners
Einstein Analytics for Partners provides purpose-built templates for use in different cases for sales and marketing specific businesses.
Partners can easily align with organizations characterized by improved KPI business plans and provide unparalleled business proposals to close deals, better and faster.
It can be used to generate reports of sales, performances, insights, and workflow.
It can be used to provide invaluable insights on how to proceed in making future decisions.
Users can use the algorithms for data analysis within the Salesforce platform.

Partner representatives would be able to even collaborate better and efficiently with account managers on account plans in real-time, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails and meetings. Kuruganti said organizations can now easily roll out a new standardized account plan process for partners with customizable templates that combine live Salesforce strategies, action items, data, and more.

Kuruganti added that these features empower and drive businesses to simulate growth through meaningful and relevant partnerships by strategically aligning on top priorities and surfacing invaluable insights intelligently. It was also remarked that Salesforce has now empowered channel partner managers to enhance the selling experience for partner teams and spend less time on administrative tasks. Kuruganti said the more organizations and partners are in the process of lockstep, the easier it is to sell more and grow faster.

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