My Journey To Becoming A CEO And Leading Multiple Companies

The world is more and more of those who create their work opportunities, and there is less and less space for those looking for existing jobs.”

As I come from a middle-class family with no entrepreneurial experience, I never dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. 

It all started when I was in my schooling days. As a student, I had a passion for programming; I have thoughts of doing something I love every day. At a very early stage, I tried to connect the dots with how this whole business world works, how you get customers, and how you get paid for your work.

During my third year of college, I started my entrepreneurial experience when I and some of my talented friends started our business called web India development. The company was more inclined towards website development and web components development based on the latest web technologies and frameworks such as PHP, HTML, and JavaScript.

Back in 2008, the recession seemed to have ended, and the business world was responsibly back to normal. Therefore, we could get some good projects, and being college students, we gained valuable hands-on experience out of those particular projects. 

In 2015, five years ago, I decided that I had the potential to change my entire life. I was 29 years old at the time, and my wife was pregnant and living with her mother. Do you think that sounds like my story about being a father? That is true.

As a budding entrepreneur with high hopes and dreams, starting a new business was like having a baby. From the very beginning, I realized that this baby of mine would need my attention and that I would have to nurture it, care for it, and make it my top priority. This was supposed to be a baby that would start strolling and go on to shine on its own and would overwhelm me on most days and would always be mine.

Over the last few years, Cloud Analogy has been on a growing spree. This is evident from the absolute fact that we now enjoy a global presence with offices in the United States, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many others worldwide. However, our customers’ demands and requirements vary. To broaden our horizons, provide better service, and offer bespoke services with Salesforce and CRM, we decided that Cloud Analogy needs its own additional space. And, hence it’s our new office in Kurukshetra!

Today, Cloud Analogy is not just transitioning into wondrous beginnings, but we are truly embarking on a bright future ahead of us with endless possibilities for everyone.

My deepest thanks to all our partners, clients, and vendors, and above all, and most importantly to the most beautiful people who work at Cloud Analogy, nurturing our baby with the same passion and affection that I have.

Being a CEO, I have recognized that the team is at the top of the pyramid, and teamwork helps us grow and accomplish more than we ever dreamed of. By putting the team ahead of everything else, nothing is impossible to achieve in this world. Over the past years, I’ve learned to build and maintain a team that can run a company with extreme integrity and transparency. At Cloud Analogy, we put our people at the heart of innovation and technology.

I have been really interested and genuinely curious about acquiring new knowledge. Truth be told, my learning curve has been very steep, though, and it cost me a lot when I started my second business.  In 2020, I became the chief operating officer of Propel Guru. We had just gotten into the digital marketing space to help clients gain a market-leading position in their niche, expand reach to new customers and generate more revenue like never before.

It all started with my dream to help people with my expertise in SEO, WordPress design, and successful online marketing & advertising. Now I have the self-confidence and inner satisfaction that my clients can fulfill their dreams and achieve business goals as I help them on their journey of connecting their brands with customers and offering them the best out of everything possible.

Currently, I am running a Digital Marketing Agency to help clients from several countries improve their business’s online presence using SEO and SMO. Our strength lies not in just delivering digital marketing services but offering out-of-the-box CRM capabilities and solutions for companies that want to get empowered by CRM platforms such as Salesforce from a globally recognized company called Cloud Analogy.

In recent years, I have realized that creating and nurturing mutually-beneficial relationships with your partners and customers is the only one thing that matters the most to business and can help you and your brand, instead of just being sales-focused.  I firmly believe that every challenge comes with a valuable opportunity to succeed. There is no time better than today to empower your digital channels and provide effortless experiences to your customers.

As a team, we genuinely believe that thinking together is the best start, staying together is what we call progress, and working progressively is a success.

Author: AJ

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