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The Welkin Suite is a new generation Force.com platform IDE which allows working with Apex, Visualforce, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, any images as well as executing unit tests, SOQL queries, anonymous apex and provides many other handy features from a single development tool.

Now what  Welkin Suite can do :

folderCustomizable Folders Structure

No more limitations for files or folders structures. Now developers can organize them in whatever way they want.


Lightning Bundle Explorer


[NEW] Lightning Components

You can develop great Lightning applications and components directly in the IDE in the same way as developing with Apex or Visualforce.

Develop your own components and applications based on the Lightning Components framework directly in The Welkin Suite using all of the great features that it offers for improved comfort and development productivity.





gitGit Support:

Improve your teamwork experience – work with Git repository right from The Welkin Suite without switching to other applications.

Code Completion

Auto Completion

Apex Code Completion:apx code

Save time, improve the coding velocity, and avoid making mistakes with Code Completion functionality for Apex.

Anonymous Apex Execution:

Test new solutions, debug your code or work with your organization using the Anonymous Apex with all of the code editing features you’ve got used to.


Execute Anonymous Apex

Debug Logs:

When debugging code you usually execute Anonymous Apex, perform some actions in the UI or start scheduled jobs which then produce lots of logs for you to go through. In most cases your actions would provide you whatever information you need pretty easily but sometimes you need only some specific logs – with very long duration, very small or very big logs, failed or succeeded logs and so on.

Debug Log view

Debug Log View

find replQuick Search of a Current Selection:

Once you select any text in your code all its occurrences within the document will be highlighted and marked on the scrollbar automatically.

featuresLatest Features :

  • Added the option to start the Apex Retrospective Debugger from the Anonymous Apex files.
  • Implemented an ability to navigate backward during the Debugging process.
  • Implemented the tracking of exceptions in custom code during the Debugging process.
  • Implemented the Tree view of a log in the split editor.
  • Implemented an ability to configure the org­wide Debug Log levels.
  • Added properties to the list of Locals during the Debugging process.
  • Added address values for the Locals of the custom types during the Debugging process.
  • Added the Debug related panels into the Debug menu.
  • Added the hotkeys to the Debug navigation in the Main Menu.
  • Improved the performance of the parser during the work with the Debug logs.
  • The file opened in the Debug Mode become locked for the other processes.
  • Implemented the saving of the last state of the ‘Show Only User Debug Messages’ option.
  • Fixed the issue related to the missed breakpoints inside the methods when using the ‘Step Over’ and ‘Step Out’ options during the Debug process.
  • Fixed the issue related to the incorrect entries in the ‘Call stack’ panel if there are several ‘Code started’ blocks in a method.

installHow to install :

This is the simplest IDE to configure for salesforce which I have used so far. httpss://welkinsuite.com/downloads/ just follow this link and download the setup. To download the setup it will ask to sign up and its an easy sign up form. Fill the form and login to the site and you will be allowed to download the setup. Its a free app so please don’t pay anything for it.

After downloading this IDE install it in your system and you are ready to rock n roll. After installed Welkin Suite looks something like this.


Welkin Suite IDE

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