Wave Dashboards in Lightning Pages

A Wave Dashboard is a collection of widgets that work together to tell a data story from multiple angles. Depending on what you want the dashboard to show or how to behave, you can add different widgets, such as key performance indicators, charts, tables, filters, and images.Embedding Wave Analytics Dashboard component to a Lightning homepage or record page can provide interactive visualization of your data. It is currently available in Lightning experience only.

It offers additional features to help you build Dashboards more quickly and easily. Use a template to create a Dashboard with a predefined layout. Create customized layouts to optimize the display of a Dashboard on different types of devices, like mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Use the wizards to quickly build widgets. Use drag-and-drop, snap-to-grid, and browser reflow to effortlessly add, position, and align widgets in a Dashboard.

dashboardTo add a Dashboard to your Lightning Page follow the steps below:


  • Select Wave Dashboard Component in the Lightning App Builder
  • From the Dashboard drop-down list, select the Dashboard to display
  • From the layout drop-down list, select the type of screen where your Lightning page will be viewed
  • Configure following attributes of the Wave Analytics Dashboard:

 shareShow Sharing Icon option lets you include Share icon on the Dashboard. If the icon is present, users can click to open the Share dialog, where they can post to Chatter and download images and data

titleShow Title checkbox gives you control over the visibility of the Dashboard title

link1Open Links in New Windows attribute, you can specify where links from the Dashboards to other assets are opened

HideHide On Error checkbox gives you control over whether the Wave Analytics Dashboard appears if there is an error

filterFilter attribute, you can use JSON to filter dataset fields at run time.

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