Salesforce Implementation Expert Interview Preparations Tips

Salesforce Implementation Expert also identified as Sales or Service Cloud Consultants is a good job role which needs you to be able to understand requirements, ask questions do analysis, then design and deploy solutions that support end client’s business processes using Salesforce. A Salesforce Implementation Expert should have deep industry expertise and specialized Sales or Service Cloud product knowledge. I expect an Implementation expert to have the following key traits to crack an interview.

KNOWLEDGE: Consultants in Salesforce world are supposed to be knowing Salesforce in and out. For example if a particular requirement demands but you have never researched about it and based upon your past experience you suggest Communites then you may end up giving a wrong or partially incorrect solution. In an Interview it is very certain that your knowledge will be judged so even if you have not used all the Salesforce products/features in a project but still you should be knowing about them. One can always go to Trail heads and learn new things in Salesforce. Salesforce knowledge of products, features, new or upcoming releases is also important to have. Developer or Consultants everyone should be aware of the upcoming changes in Salesforce.

COMMUNICATION: Interview is all about communication. Salesforce Implementation Expert must know that client interactions with requirement gathering are the key aspects of this game. Salesforce Consultants are supposed to be the first point of contact who will process a requirement with end client. Business process of end clients need to be very clear in the mind of a Consultant and that is why he/she should be asking questions, examples, explaining things etc. Sometimes a Business Development or Business Analyst guy must be involved in between who will facilitate the communication but coming up with a never ending relationship with the client is completely your piece of task.

SCENARIO: This might be straight from the Consultant exam study guide but its true. Consultant if given a scenario must be able to

▪ identify the components and capabilities of setting up and configuring a secure environment.

▪ identify usability and adoption considerations

▪ identify data migration, data management, and integration considerations

▪ identify features of the platform for extending application deployment capabilities

▪ identify standard Salesforce CRM applications: Sales Force Automation (SFA), Marketing, Customer

Service & Support (CSS), Content, Communities, Mobile, Customer Portal, and Partner Networks

▪ Describe the unique characteristics of a SaaS/cloud computing deployment

SYSTEM DESIGN: Salesforce Implementation Expert is supposed to have a dual role of understanding the requirements and coming up with smart and perfect System Design. Although this is a role of Salesforce Architect but a Consultant and Architect run side by side. Most of the Salesforce projects which we get are small size and need a quick solution so responsibility of correct effort estimation comes up very now often. Estimating a requirement is a thing of dare. One should not estimate so less that completing a project before time becomes impossible and on the other hand it should not be so much that it starts sounding ridiculous to the end clients. This is the place where your system designing expertise play a good role.

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