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A future-proof marketing strategy is all about responding to the needs and desires of the customers. A customer’s journey should always be customized in favor of the needs of the customers. It is in this context that Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers personalization and individualization to ensure the total integrity of the customers. All in all, personalization and individualization play key roles in the marketing mix. 


At present, conversions are the main focus of marketers. The marketing team with the assistance of conversions helps the audience drive attention towards their specific needs. This is only possible if the customer actively participates in sharing their content with you.

Personalization focuses on each tiny detail, be it including first names to respective emails that are sent as a part of the campaign. Also, it can go beyond just adding a name to emails, such as information regarding product interest area and past transactions. 

Personalization has proved to be one of the important tactics to handle the area of marketing. Salesforce Marketing Cloud ensures total care of the customer by incorporating the idea of Personalization.


A customer’s prospect should be focused on priority. Individualization ensures a customer’s uniqueness. Various attributes and interests of a customer should be truly considered. Though it requires a huge amount of data, it is obvious to concentrate on a customer’s individuality.

Individualize the customer by gathering all the possible data of the user’s behavior. The key to individualization is the information, the data. It is simple logic, if you know your customer’s requirements, you will be able to serve them better. 

When you interact with your customers primarily, personalization is incorporated, but the outputs can be optimized with the idea of Individualization.

Technologies and Strategies

Technologies now have made our lives easy. They contribute equally to making Personalization and Individualization more flexible. Such a large amount of data is easily handled only because of the advancement in technologies. 

Marketing technologies support the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to increase Personalization and Individualization within the marketing campaigns. Also, the fact that mass marketing still holds responsibility along with these two approaches for content delivery and campaign management. Additionally, the incorporation of technology also produces a huge amount of data. We will see how to play with data in the following section.

Manage the data

Marketing techniques require access to the whole data. The difference between the two approaches makes data management a bit complex process. 

The primary step is to gather all the data sets to understand the various needs and preferences of the customer. To perform this step, we need to consider all the channels – email, web visits, and social . Also, you need to focus on dynamic content like online conversations and comment on future considerations. For example, IoT-enabled devices are the perfect example for a better understanding of customer’s preferences and behaviors.

The next step is to incorporate data-driven analytics to discover the key points that can be used. Adding up the analyzed point to the marketing platforms may result in relevant content for specific customer’s requirements.


Technology has contributed a lot to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to address the audience and mark them unique. But managing a large number of customers can result in some hurdles that are a bit hard to handle because of the fact that customers continue to move between devices, time, and places. 

These hurdles hold the responsibility for shifting from personalization to individualization. The collection of data must expand to record the movements in the device, place, and time. Output collected will help individualize the interaction efforts.

Opportunities keep waiting as soon as you reach your targets. Customers demand to dig deeper when it comes to customer relationships. And only a powerful and comprehensive customer relationship management suite can help you build trust and loyalty in the end.


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