Salesforce introduces new Einstein email functionalities for its Marketing Cloud

Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, has launched new email functionalities and capabilities for its Marketing Cloud enabling marketing professionals to create best-personalized marketing campaigns and improve customer experience.

The latest announcement of features in Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes Einstein AI tools that automate, customize, and analyze the results of interactive email and email campaigns. Salesforce also launched testing and validation tools to identify potential errors quickly and effectively.

Leah Pope, Head of Salesforce Marketing said: “This introduction of new features and functionalities really focuses on assisting marketing professionals to make sure to deliver better and more personalized customer experience.”

Einstein’s new capabilities are designed to assist marketing professionals to make better and smarter decisions while automating time-consuming business tasks and therefore extend the email campaign’s creation process.

Salesforce email marketing AI features include Einstein Content Selection, Einstein Copy Insights, and Einstein Messaging Insights.

Einstein Content Selection: A tool designed to automatically suggests the visual elements to be used across emails based on customer preferences and past behaviors.

Einstein Copy Insights: A functionality that utilizes Natural language processing (NLP) for assisting users to create relevant topics, text messages, and social media copies.

Einstein Message Survey: Notification feature that highlights the results of underperforming or overperforming email journeys, while recommending the further steps to increase the effectiveness of your email campaign.

These interactive features have been specifically integrated after Salesforce completed the acquisition of Rebel. The solution will allow respondents to contact the brand directly throughout the email journey.

Performance updates are also designed to streamline and scale the process of creating an email marketing campaign with tools such as Journey templates that can be shared across the organization and to assist users to develop and deploy campaigns rapidly and effectively. Salesforce also added new testing and validation features to troubleshoot email marketing journeys quickly and identify bugs or inappropriate offers.

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