5 Important things to consider before hiring an Android Developer

Today, Apps are all over us! From ordering food online to paying utility bills, there is an app for each and every need of ours. Now comes the question — who makes these brilliant apps that are simplifying our lives? How are these application developers hired in the first place and what makes a good android developer?

Mobile apps are defining the future of a connected world. Each and every single day, new apps are made available to us with the sole purpose of streamlining things so that our lives are made easier and smarter, all thanks to creativity and ideas floating all around us. But, a lot of factors need to be considered before converting an idea into an android app.

In this context, the most prominent factor is to hire a highly skilled Android developer. In order to find out the best, a lot of things are required to be kept in mind when it comes to hiring an Android developer.

You might have some questions – Who is an android developer? Why do we need the best Android developer to code?

Basically, an Android developer is someone who is hired to build amazing apps through coding language and skills.

However, finding the ideal android developer for the specific requirements of your business can be a difficult task, especially if you are not a tech-savvy person.

Now without wasting much time, let’s dive straight to the 5 most important things you need to keep in mind before hiring an Android developer. Here we go!

Be clear about your requirements

What tasks need to be performed by an Android developer?

This is the foremost important thing you need to understand. While creating an android app, a developer is responsible for creating the user interface i.e. designing the layout of the application and implementing coding functionality and all other backend integrations. Then, finally, everything moves to the testing phase!

Well you know, testing is almost vigorous to produce a well-developed product. So, a blend of skills is required to shape up a perfect and error-free mobile application.

While planning a project, it is extremely important that you should go through all the details thoroughly. This will eventually ensure that the final deliverables are in complete conformity with the expectations. Meanwhile, it will also help estimate a budget for hiring an Android developer.

Determining all the details such as design style, app specifications, and technical requirements would give you more clarity on what kind of developer you really need for your projects.

Conduct an effective interview

First of all, a good job description with all the roles and responsibilities included can help you find your perfect match based on your requirements as far as hiring android developers is concerned.

Just a note to keep in mind, you should mention all the specifications (designing and coding) to identify and select the right candidate.

Coming to the interview part, firstly, put your candidate to the right skill test that will help you evaluate their attitude towards Android application development.

Secondly, find out if a candidate is aware of the latest updates in the Android market. Most probably, this will be really helpful in considering a perfect candidate for your requirement profile.

Just having in-depth knowledge about the programming language is not enough, I suppose. You also need to be sure that a candidate has a fair knowledge about the Android development process as a whole – from project idea to marketing tactics.

To check the error correction ability of application developers, ask your candidate to debug a problem within a sample app or you can ask a few problems-solving questions related to the complete mobile app development process.

Have a close look at the portfolio

Forget about the candidate resume, check out their portfolio to identify the scale of the project that they have already accomplished.

You might ask – What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a sample work done by an individual that reflects their experience, skills, and education about a particular field.

In a developer portfolio, it should ideally include details of apps previously built, examples of apps coding, or even the screenshots of the built applications.

Of course, I am not talking about the numbers of published apps. What really matters is – Quality!

Highlight on UI
The user interface should be regarded as the most critical component of the complete android application development process. This is simply due to the fact that the complete or partial absence of an appealing or impressive layout design can possibly mean losing out on app installs on the Play Store.

Examine the apps functionalities, their stability, and performance which will give you an idea whether the candidate has the expertise and skills to complete different tasks or not.

Evaluate a programmer communication skills

We all are aware that Planning is the most important component of every process. Equally, Communication skills are critical when it comes to judging the efficiency and competency of the right android developer for your specific business requirements.

It is extremely important that each and every member of the Android app development team should have a certain level of qualifications and strong communication skills should be right there at the top.

This is primarily because the quality of the final deliverable (applications) may not be to your liking if a developer doesn’t understand the needs and requirements conveyed by you in the first place.
Therefore, you need to make sure whether the developer is good enough at understanding and conveying things.

Check out skills and experience

Last but not least, it is certainly an important one.

Well, you know that great programmers are rare. Someone who has expertise in multiple platforms and worked with a handful of technologies is the right fit.

So, hiring someone who has experience in both Android and iOS development platforms (cross-platform compatibility) will be a great choice.

Expert programmers for your project should be able to hit the ground running within no time as they would be already well-versed with the implementation processes and how the technology is to be used.

Final words

Finally, a successful application development project hinges on the skills of the involved Android developers. Therefore, it is important that they should possess the required technical expertise, design skills, communication and collaboration experience, plus creative thinking and above-par problem-solving abilities. And, in the end, all you need to do is to hire the best fit for you!

Hiring an Android developer will not be difficult if you can consider these factors cautiously. Follow these 5 important things and they will definitely help you identify and select the ideal candidate for the accomplishment of your tasks.

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