Salesforce Developer Interview Tips


Be Smart In Attitude & Intelligent In Aptitude

Smartness is one of the key factor for successful interview. A lot can be easily measured from the attitude of a particular person. A person should have attitude of a good listener to  understand the questions being asked. During the process of an interview always be instantly ready with smart and intelligent answers. Remember in Salesforce a particular operation, task or problem can be resolved by multiple ways. You should always be smart enough to understand the requirement or the problem and give a solution which can be implemented with a minimum configuration or development changes. The solution we suggest should fit in the Process and not cause any unexpected results. In an interview it’s better to come up with more than one solution and it will also show how much experience you have. To say this in other words you should always have at least 1 average normal solution and one excellent solution.


Be Ready For Programming

Although Salesforce developers are not supposed to know programming in detail but still an ideal Salesforce programmer or developer should be capable enough to write triggers, visualforce pages and do configurational changes. Programming questions like write a trigger, bulkify a trigger, write a visualforce page, implement a batch class etc all can be the possible set of questions in the interview itself.

Salesforce governor limits can also be a tricky interview topic. Question with multiple possibilities can tend you towards finding a programmable solution like a trigger or a visual force page rather than the solution can also come up from Salesforce out of box functionality. Following Programming questions can be useful starting point.


Be Precise With Practical Examples Rather Than Theoretical

Having practical knowledge shows the experience you have gained while doing several projects. When an interviewerT7 ask you a question, the question belongs to the practical problem which he or she might have faced or learnt that can be a problem for a new developer. Always remember a real world problem can always be solved by breaking it down into sub-problems and solving them. With a practical example or solution belonging to your project experience will help you a lot in getting good scores. Its wise to Learn from others mistake blog can be a good starting point for practical examples.

Be Puzzle Solver Than Just Another Developer.

Puzzle solving is a good habit. Solving puzzles related to programming world will give you insight to lots of other verticals. The best way you can be a good puzzle solver is by going through different requirements and solutions. While doing a requirement analysis it’s wise enough to take short requirements and imagine how they can be solved. Puzzles can be Technical and non Technical as well which judge your Logics and Technical expertise.


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